Science Fiction / Fantasy /Supernatural / Horror / Absurdist Comedy

Yannis is an award-winning director who lives and works in Los Angeles. Originally born and raised in Athens, Greece, he received a BA in Advertising Management and an MA in TV & Video Production at Bournemouth University in the UK. He also studied Cinematography at UCLA in Los Angeles.

He loves to collaborate with like-minded, talented people and always tries to grow and adapt his directing skills with constant training, practicing and through embracing new and emerging technologies.

Yannis is known for his unique and passionate storytelling style, which often infuses a little sense of humour, fantasy, science-fiction and the supernatural into the ordinary lives of the characters in his films and videos.

He strives to create intense, emotionally engaging stories in various genres and narratives, often utilizing new technologies in novel, creative ways to draw the audience into the story.

His extensive portfolio includes TV shows, commercials, documentaries, music videos, short films and digital series.

Yannis has a thing for penguins, but it’s strictly platonic.





One Artistic Eye Deserves Another

As an editor, Yannis’ primary goal is to uncover the intentions behind each film or video he tackles.

He carefully searches for the hidden meaning behind the obvious narrative and the true motivations of the characters as he shapes the best possible edit for the script at hand. He believes in the incredible power of the simple “cut” and his striking editing style often incorporates this philosophy.

Usually he does this in a very low-key, subtle way, unless the story requires a more self-conscious, “creatively-jarring” approach. Above all, he serves the story, striving to have a valid reason behind each editing decision.

Yannis likes to take the time to experiment with the edit, trying several different approaches before arriving at the final cut. He is always open to ideas and suggestions (more brains are better than one) and loves to collaborate with creative, innovative filmmakers.

He has a great knack for “killing babies” AKA eliminating superfluous details that do not help push the story forward. Content always trumps style, unless style can transform the story into something even better.

Yannis is hard-working, methodical and can be bribed with dark Belgian chocolate.